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Headcanon: when Danny eventually dies and becomes Phantom for good, he doesn’t stick around on Earth or in the Ghost Zone - maybe he worries that since he’s now full ghost he’ll turn out like his alternate-future self? - so instead he flies out…

Renamed AU! (it’s Jenseitig now)



Yes I found a new name which i LOVE! (I didn’t think I’d find one that I like so I was super bummed out, but now I’m just so durned happy!!!)

yes I know it is so friggin corny but I just couldn’t let go

Some points of this AU:

>Danny woke up in the Ghost Zone, somewhere far from the Fenton Portal

>He thinks he’s a Ghost, since A)well he’s in the Ghost Zone and “no-one could have survived that accident” and B) his human half is regenerating. His human half was basically turned to ash and spit out into the human world so that’s what his parents found. A pile of their baby boy’s ashes and his mortified friends. [okay I feel really bad about this part I’m so sorry]

>Skulker takes an interest in his thermos. 

>He tries to take it from Danny, and upon finding it to be a part of him, starts dragging him along in hunts as a pack-mule.

>As Danny’s powers develop beyond the ghost staple of powers, he begins to have moments of being partially human again. Like the reverse of season 1 ghost moments.

>Skulker turns on Danny when he finds out about the halfa thing.

>The Fentons never closed the portal, b/c Danny basically died turning it on. So Ghosts

>Sam & Tuck are Ghost Hunters now. Sam always in the field, Tucker usually in the OP center and helping out with inventions. He is now super knowledgeable about that stuff now. More so than regular tech now.

Some Aesthetic Points

>Danny has blueish-green skin (b/c green blood + ice core)

>The Fenton Thermos is part of the jumpsuit. It shrinks and enlarges when in and out of use.


>Sam & Tuck in Jumpsuits!!! (maybe)

Real World Item Detected


Reposting because for some reason this wasn’t showing up in the tags? Odd.

Decided to write up the Tarzan AU I had described here.


Real World Item Detected

There it was.

Deep in the big mass of floating stones, just where he had sensed it to be. His nose burned with the glorious smell of it, his eyes widening and mouth watering. His breath and heartbeat gained new speeds and his fingers and toes twitched, energy sparking in tiny little embers that fizzled with vigor. A brief memory of popping lights on a stick came to life, but he pushed it away; he didn’t want to think about that, especially when it probably wasn’t real.

The forest of floating stones was biiiig, but within its bounds was a closely-guarded treasure: food. Danny was disappointed to find that it was not the fruit-tree he had hoped. Instead he had come upon a shrub, tall enough to reach his chest, dotted with glowing little berries. Each shone like a precious sapphire alit with fire.

His gaze swept back and forth warily, wondering if there were any other ghosts about. He couldn’t sense any, but that didn’t mean that they weren’t there.

The smell of the shrub was too enticing. He had to get to it!

With a small whimper Danny flung himself off of the stone he’d been perched on, holding his arms out like a birdy and shifting them up and down as he swooped between stones. He’d learned from watching other ghosts that using his entire body to fly made him much faster. For this, he was grateful; he had to escape monsters, and the monsters were usually faster and scarier than him.

He landed on the stone that held his food and whipped his head this way and that, long white hair framing his taut cheekbones as if he were underwater. He sniffed the air, and when he was only met with the luxurious scent of the berries, he closed his eyes. His ears detected no movement, and he could not sense any other ghost nearby.

Giving a delighted chirp, he released the energy bundled up in his chest—core, he knew the dragon-lady called it—and watched the sparkly blue light drift over his body. For a second he marveled at how different his body looked—no longer glowing, now tinted with red instead of green. His meager thoughts were pulled away, though, with a loud roar from his stomach. He frowned down at it, concerned, and then sat down at the base of the shrub and began pulling the berries off of it.

It tasted amazing, and it was more than enough to last him for long. Before Danny knew it he’d had an entire side bare but for the luminescent emerald leaves. He sighed in disappointment and shifted his long, scrawny legs out from underneath him—

It was like feeling the scary light-blasts race across his skin, like being burnt with frozen fire. He rattled involuntarily and his breath puffed out in front of him.


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Imagine something like a Tarzan AU:

Danny somehow has his accident at a young age and falls out into the Ghost Zone instead of the human world, and Jack and Maddie are rocked by the loss of their son. They’re unable to save him—or even think about entering the Ghost Zone—due to their lack of proper technology at the time.

Danny is forced to fend for himself and his ghost half keeps him alive. The ghosts avoid him as much as possible, thinking of him as a crazy, feral half-ghost monster. As Danny ages, the only interactions he really has with other ghosts is a battle every now and then for territory or dominance and the very, very rare friendly meeting (Wulf, Cujo, maybe Dora takes pity on him and tries to “civilize” him once in awhile with a tea party). He becomes smarter on how to survive, but remains, intellectually, a small child, with maybe a small advancement in his poor speech and grammar. Because he has nobody to talk to, he doesn’t mind that he’s not very adequate with communicating with others. He would have a stronger empathy sense, probably something that he would only have if he focused more on his ghost half. He can sense other ghosts’ emotions, and they his, which is good enough for him in most cases.

As he gets older he figures out that his ghost half is far more adapted to the Ghost Zone; he can feel danger coming, he can smell and see and hear so much better, and he can communicate with its occupants better as a ghost by sensing their emotions. He soon comes to take his ghost form as his “natural” form, and stays in his human form only long enough to eat, drink, and rest enough to sustain it. He doesn’t know why he goes through all the trouble of it, but he still does his utmost to keep himself as alive as he can be, even if he doesn’t understand what exactly he is. 

As a result of his harsh life he becomes distrustful, easily frightened, and extremely aggressive when he feels threatened. He has little to no memory of his life in the human world, and what he does recall only confuses and upsets him; he remembers a time when he was loved, so why must he struggle so much to survive? Inside him festers a deep bitterness at the betrayal of this previous life, and its supposed willingness to just let him go and release him to the wilds of the Zone.

But when he’s in his teenage years, his parents, still determined to find their son, finally complete their rudimentary Specter Speeder. And Jazz, perhaps accompanied by Sam and Tucker (they would be her friends in this AU, or maybe they remember when they used to have a best friend named Danny who disappeared one day), sneaks into the lab the day it is finished and takes it into the Ghost Zone. At first she’s disheartened at how impossible the search would be, but then…

"Real world item detected."


Threw together a few diagrams for the polar opposite au created by iamforeverfree1, which requires an alternate Earth that’s totally livable on somehow.

Water is life, so this has a special look specifically at water flows and main sources of fresh water.

There isn’t a lot of vegetation possible to combat oxygen use by humans, so I added a polar ice cap for carbon dioxide to freeze at, keeping the levels of it down in the atmosphere.


I wanted to do something for DD’s Deertaur Danny too aaa


I wanted to do something for DD’s Deertaur Danny too aaa


I wanted to do something for DD’s Deertaur Danny too aaa


Day 12: sort of messed up humor about Death


*Gives up*

Danny tilted his head back and leaned on the wall behind him, glared at the wall in front of him, snorting out the cobwebs that had been sucked up his nose.

He really needed to get more balanced because for fuck’s sake, he tripped on the rug in the hallway and now he’s jammed between the goddamn walls with a fuckton of spiders and spider webs and god knows what else.

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Danny wasn’t really Tucker’s first friend. Danny is the friend he’s had for the longest, yes, but not the first by a long shot.

Tucker’s father had been friends with Victor Baxter, Dash’s dad, when they were younger. Dash came over often, and they actually got to be pretty close. They promised that they would always be friends.

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To anyone who writes little drabble fics or whatever they’re called; the fanfiction.net user lightning-strike-prime has posted a story called ‘Lost Obsession’ which they say came from tumblr, though they have forgotten who wrote it and have not given credit to the author.

If the line ‘ghosts aren’t evil, humans are’ sounds like something you’ve written, I suggest you check to see if it’s your story which has been reposted.


I never see anyone anymore.

I don’t exactly want to see anyone here. Seeing anyone here is a bad enough sign already. I don’t want to make it worse.

But if I could go home, of if someone could come to me, maybe even a complete stranger, I would be okay. 

Just so long as it’s not someone who wants to hurt me. That’s why they can’t be from here. They have to be someone else, they can’t be with the GiW.

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Maddie looked down the barrel of her smoking ectogun. Her eyes wide in shock as the figure just feet in front of her collapsed, a ring of light exploding from his waist and traveling over his limp body, changing ghost to human in the blink of an eye.

But she didn’t blink.

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if you ever need to explain Striking Fear to someone, show them this comic


a few days late but w/e enjoy and have a nice day

He knew what she was doing. Sucking him dry. Draining him until he had nothing left, and ended up doing something stupid.

Danny knew.

But he couldn’t stop it.

Every day she came back, and every day, his strength, his will, his courage to face the day was shaken.

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